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I feel so lucky to have had both of my children attend Mona’s daycare.  Leaving our children in the care of someone else can be an emotional time but I quickly saw that Mona is warm and loving which helped the transition easier.  Mona not only is loving and caring but provides a wonderful learning environment.  My children started at Mona’s at 2 years old and 6 weeks old and stayed until they began kindergarten. Both of my children were more than prepared for kindergarten.  Mona provides the best of two worlds, a loving in home atmosphere and a structured learning environment.  I recommend Mona to anyone who is looking for a daycare provider.

- Megan Artherton

I have had my 2 daughters aged 3 and 1 at Lucky Ducks Daycare for the past year. I have been impressed by the cleanliness, organization, interactive activities and outside play equipment. My daughter's have enjoyed frequent art projects and theme days like water day and camping day. I recommend Lucky Ducks Daycare if you are looking for something that is a home based daycare with an emphasis on building social skills and interactive activities

- Elaine Muselli

During the past 3 1/2 years, we have had the pleasure of having Mona as a care provider. Not only is she kind and caring, but we consider her a second mother to our daughters. Her daycare is a fun and loving atmosphere, while the children are learning education and social skills. Thank you Mona for all you do!!!

- Valerie Cahill

Our son has been at Lucky Ducks Daycare from age 3-months to 5-years. Mona has been the best person to trust to care for him. My husband and I are in law enforcement and have a very high standard of who can supervise our son. Mona has raised him well. And we full heartedly recommend her for daycare.


Claudia Ferraiz

We have used Lucky Ducks daycare for more than 10 years, for all four of our children.  Our last little guy, Daniel, is headed to kindergarten this fall.  Mona Mosavat does so much more than merely keep kids safe and entertained. She constantly works to educate the children and teach them the social skills they need to get  along as the get older.  All our kids loved going to Lucky Ducks, and all the great activities that Mona prepared for them.  It's a great place, and the kids love it so much that even our 13 year olds still speak fondly of their time with Mona .

- Fred and Jennifer F.

Leaving your child 40+ hours a week with someone/someplace else while you work  is incredibly hard to do but when your child wakes up everyday and asks to go to "Monas" you know you have found a place you can trust, one where your child is loved.

Lucky Ducks Daycare is the best!

Mona has loved all 3 of my kids since they were tiny babies and we are so thankful.

-Amber J.

Our son attended Lucky Ducks Daycare for almost 2 years and we had a great experience.  He loved to go to daycare everyday. Mona cares for each child like it is her own.  If we stilled lived in OC, we would never have left. Thank you Mona and staff for the wonderful experience and for giving Bryce so much love and care. We will miss you!

- Tracey B.

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